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Welcome to South Africa’s number 1 magnet fishing shop.

We are passionate about this exciting hobby and are able to provide you with the best magnet fishing gear in South Africa. From strong neodymium magnets to quality rope.

The beautiful thing about magnet fishing in South Africa besides being a fun adventure and day out is that you just never know what your are going to find!

Magnet fishers have found interesting things like old coins, war weapons, discarded bikes, safes and even cars!

This hobby can be enjoyed by the whole family and by now we’re sure you have a location in South Africa in mind where you want to go magnet fishing. Perhaps it’s your local lake, maybe you live by the sea or perhaps you have an old well on your property. The only limitation is your own imagination.

For your magnet fishing setup, you will need a few things. Similar to fish angling where you have the hook, line, and sinker, with magnet fishing you will need a strong magnet as your hook and sinker, and a rope as your line that ties to the magnet. Where you magnet fish is important to increase the chances of finding metal, and there is also a large element of patience and curiosity needed. Unlike fish angling, magnet fishing provides quicker results in catching anything; you quickly get to know if there’s any metal lurking beneath the surface and be able to reel it in when you feel the magnet cling heavily on to something.

Do not get this magnet close to electronic equipment or pacemakers. Seller assumes no liability for injuries. Practise safe magnet fishing.

Remember these magnets are strong and if you get a finger caught between the magnet and a metallic object it can cause a serious injury like a broken finger or worse.

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