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Magnet Fishing Gloves South Africa

1 x pair gloves.

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Magnetic Fishing Gloves for Magnet Fishing in South Africa

There can be a lot of mud and rust on the things you catch with your Neodymium magnet. Therefore, we strongly recommend using magnet fishing gloves.

Magnetic fishing gloves will not only protect your hands from the dirt involved with pulling items out of the water, but they will also stop you from getting any injuries from the sharp metallic objects that you will be pulling out and can also act as a barrier between your fingers and the magnet and the metallic item. These rare earth magnets are extremely powerful, you could lose a finger if you come too close to a heavy metal object with your finger in between. Safety first!

If you are wanting to buy magnet fishing magnets, rope or gloves online in South Africa we have got you covered!

Our online magnet fishing shop in South Africa supplies everything from Neodymium rare earth magnets to magnet fishing rope to gloves.

If we do not have a certain magnet fishing item that you want to buy then please make use of the contact form to get in touch with us so we can stock it in our magnet fishing store.

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