Magnet Fishing Rope 6mm Style 1


6mm Magnet Fishing Rope – 50m

(500kg tensile strength)

If you’d like 100m or 150m simply add more to your cart order and on the order form there is a space for instructions simply tell us whether you want eg. 2 x 50m or 1 x 100m.

Good luck and happy fishing!

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Magnet Fishing Rope

Are you wanting to buy magnet fishing rope in South Africa?

What’s the best rope for magnet fishing?

We would suggest either polypropylene or nylon rope. Polypropylene rope is rot resistant and floats. Nylon rope is the strongest of all fibers. It is excellent against rot and mildew, and is not damaged by oil and most chemicals. Nylon rope also has the greatest stretch, so its perfect for shock absorbency.

Magnet fishing is a very fun hobby gaining new practitioners every day. With a long rope and a powerful magnet, you can make really nice finds.

The higher the power the magnet the stronger the rope you will need.

Your rope should be extremely strong and ideally bright (not dull). Yellow or orange are ideal simply because it is more difficult to lose.

Anything rated above 250kgs is considered an extremely strong rope.

There is a big difference between the breaking strength and max load. The breaking strength, is actually when the magnet fishing rope breaks in the middle by tension. When you are doing knots on the rope, it gets weaker in these areas.

You will need to decide how deep the water is where you want to go magnet fishing in South Africa.

You don’t want a magnet fishing rope to be too short as some dams could be 100m deep or more.

On a related note, knots to use. I’d recommend either a “Figure 8 follow through”, a “Water Bowline” or a fishing line knot like a trilene. Your rope may be too thick to use the last one.

Browse through our magnet rope options and then decide which will suit your needs best.

Magnet fishing is a fun hobby and there are a lot of rivers, dams and yacht club across South Africa where interesting items are just sitting at the bottom waiting for you to recover!





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