Neodymium magnets – Pot Magnet A 75


Our quality and durable Neodymium magnet.

Holding force 168kg.

Weight 488g.

Pot Magnet A 75

(75mm OD x 10.5x ID x 18mm thick)

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Neodymium Magnets

Magnet fishing, also called magnetic fishing, is searching in outdoor waters for Ferromagnetic objects available to pull with a strong neodymium magnet.

For magnet fishing you require a strong magnet depending on the weight of what you are trying to recover.

Neodymium magnets also known as rare earth magnets are the best quality magnets for the job.

Neodymium magnets, invented in the 1980s, are the strongest and most affordable type of rare-earth magnet. They are made of an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B), sometimes abbreviated as NIB.

The technique is simple yet effective, attach a really strong Neodymium magnet to a rope and toss it in any body of water. As you pull in the line any metal objects within 10cm of the magnet will attach themselves. You never know what you might reel in, old South African coins, boer war relics and other valuables.

Magnet fishing is more like going treasure hunting in the water than it is like actual fishing. In other words, you won’t catch any fish with this method, unless of course they are made completely of iron or some other strongly magnetic material. Some treasure hunters throw magnets in lakes and other water ways to attract magnetic metals and pull them up. The hope is that something valuable will surface, but often miscellaneous items like bottle caps and keys are found as well. In fact, strong lifting magnets called magnet retrieval tools are specially designed to retrieve items that are lost at the bottom of bodies of water.

So whether you are needing to buy magnet fishing magnets in South Africa to retrieve a lost item in the water or simply looking for adventure and wanting to go magnet fishing then choose from our quality products below. We offer various Neodymium magnets with a vertical holding force of 68kg to 162kg.

They are the best quality magnet fishing magnets available in South Africa.

Read more about Magnet Fishing here.

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